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Looking Back at Craft Happy Hour

It's so much fun trying new events at Hen & Chicks Studio. This past Thursday we kicked into full gear for Craft Happy Hour. At the end of the night I was exhausted, but I had so much fun! 

Our guests learned how to make quick appetizers from Anne with The Pampered Chef. 

We tasted six awesome wines from Brick Arch Winery that we sell at Hen & Chicks Studio.

Thanks to Judy for coming to help us!

And we made three fun crafts...

This cute little wool card holder. 

A card. 

And a great party favor box. 

I wish I could have taken pictures of every project that got made because it's so fun to see how people put their own personal touch on the projects. Thanks to everyone that came and helped us make this event a success!


Don't you love stitching the binding on a quilt and saying "I'm done!"? I love it. And, this week I finished the binding on this great scrap quilt. You might recall reading about when the girls helped me work on it. Then Kelly put her special quilting touch on it with a great edge-to-edge quilting design. I'll hang it up at Hen & Chicks Studio this week so you can all be inspired (pattern and kits available). 

And my wonderful helpers in front of their hard work.

Painting with Jo--Part 3

In class on Saturday with Jo Myers-Walker someone asked her what it really cost to make a floorcloth. I jumped in and responded "20 years of collecting paint and stuff!" Jo is so gracious and brings all of her supplies for us to use. This makes the class affordable for the students and allows us the opportunity to play with so many different products.

For one of the floorcloths we made used canvas that was washed, dried, and hemmed. Then I decided to create a design with painters tape.

Then I rolled red paint on and took some tape off. Then I spray painted yellow and orange, taking tape off each time.

Then with Jo's suggestion I added teal and purple. 

Henry asked for a map of Iowa. I suggested he grab the telephone book. Then he free-handed this onto his rug.

Virginia also went with the ISU theme....and lots of glitter.

If you'd like to see more rugs from our class, check out this post and another post. If you're looking for ways to express your creativity, be sure to check out our events page at Hen & Chicks Studio and find something for you! Be sure to check out our upcoming Craft Happy Hour on March 20.

Painting with Jo Part 2

This past Saturday, Hen & Chicks Studio hosted artist Jo Myers-Walker to teach a floorcloth class. I posted some pictures yesterday and have more to add today!

One of the methods we used involved canvas that was washed and dried. Then we "painted" it with water. Then paint. I love how Becky's rug was turning out. She still had some detail to add but it was coming along nicely. 

Susan's iris made us all want Spring to come now!

Linda created dramatic black and white stripes for a backdrop to her red and green swirls.

Henry drew a great farm scene. I'll have to post an updated picture when it's really done, because after I took this he decided to add tiles to the roof. Always a work in progress.

Joy fills my heart when people are being creative at Hen & Chicks Studio. When I envisioned opening the retreat center this is what I wanted--people having a place to quilt, scrapbook, paint and express themselves through their works of art. We'd love to have you join us at an event at the store. Check our calendar for upcoming events. You might want to check out our Craft Happy Hour on March 20!

Painting with Jo Myers-Walker

On Saturday, March 8, Hen & Chicks Studio hosted artist Jo Myers-Walker for a floorcloth class. If you've ever been in The Nest at Hen & Chicks Studio you've been surrounded by Jo's amazing art--all of the painted doors that we use to divide the space are her works of art. 

Her teaching style is so wonderful. She shares everything. Encourages everyone. And inspires us to be ourselves. 

Here are a few photos to show you some of the creations from yesterday.

Becky and Jo and Becky's forest.

Heidi and her bird rug.

Henry painting the background of his ISU rug.

Henry, Virginia, Jo, and Goldie with tables full of artwork that were created by all of them! Glitter and all.

Dorothy and her checkerboard rug.

Susan's pumpkin mat.

Watch the blog for more photos of our day.

Get Quilting!

Beginning with the new year, Hen & Chicks Studio starting offering our customers the opportunity to rent our APQS Millennium quilting machine. Once you take our Longarm Certification Class, then you can rent the machine on an hourly basis. In the class we'll teach you how to fully float your quilt tops so that you can get lots of quilting done. 

Look at these happy quilters after completing their certification class!

Recently APQS asked their guest artists to help with some blogs. I quickly raised my hand and offered to help with an article about how to fully float your quilt top. Check the blog post out. 

If you're interested in taking out certification class, be sure to click on the Events page and look for upcoming class dates. We'll be glad to help you finish your projects from start to finish.

Class sizes are small to ensure you get the opportunity to have good hands-on experience in class.

Sign up for a class today!

New Event at Hen & Chicks Studio

When ideas start rolling around in my head..they roll, stop, start rolling, stop. You get the idea. Then I like to speak them out loud, saying does that sound like a good idea? The ideas grow, change, and evolve--that's what I love about the creative process. So, when I was thinking about hosting Craft Happy Hour I knew there would be crafts, some yummy food to munch on, and we'd have to have a Brick Arch wine tasting, too. When I mentioned this to my cousin Anne, a consultant for The Pampered Chef, she jumped on board saying she could help with the food and teach us all how to make great appetizers in just a few minutes. See how things evolve! And, now it's time to share more specifics with you. 

Call Hen & Chicks Studio at 641-366-3336 and RSVP today!

Bursting with Memories

Capturing memories is important and I'm always looking for new ways to do that. Recently I came across a three-dimensional way--bursting boxes. They are simple to create and can include so many memories, even three-dimensional ones. 

With four 12x12 two-sided sheets of paper and some decorating, you can make a cute box. 

With a little detail on the top. 

Pull off the lid and the pages BURST open to review photos and messages. 

Three sheets of paper create the sides and layers of the box, giving you plenty of space to decorate.

Starting on Friday, February 14 and running through the end of February, all Red Bag Club members at Hen & Chicks Studio will receive the instructions and four sheets of 12x12 paper (paper could vary from example shown above) for FREE. No purchase necessary. Must bring in your Red Bag to get your Bursting Box Kit.

Hen & Chicks Studio hours are Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Come visit us!

First there was quilting, then there was love...

The past week really seems like a blur. Since the end of October I've been planning and looking forward to hosting The Love Retreat held in The Nest at Hen & Chicks Studio February 6-8. Now it's over and I'm reflecting back. 

My goal was to share my love of all things creative with our guests. And, to let them get to do what they love, while being taken care of. 

The kids got involved in the preparations, too. Henry made origami hearts to use as decoration and for the ladies to take home.

Fresh flowers from Sharon at Something to Share (a cute gift shop in Conrad) added freshness to our snack table.

With a little help from my mom we pulled together some hearts boxes and red display items to create a centerpiece on the dining table. My grandmother's red-and-white quilt seemed like the perfect item to pull it all together.

Everything was ready and waiting for our guests to arrive. 

It wasn't long before they arrived and the hum of sewing machines began in between laughter and chatter.

We had to have a little manicure to make sure our fingers looked pretty as we sewed.

Throughout the retreat there was lots of sharing among the guests, including Brenda sharing this beautiful star she made.

Creativity goes far beyond quilting and can hit it where it we need it the most--our stomaches! I loved watching how non-frosting lovers ate around the frosting, while the frosting lovers had no problem taking care of the rest. 

Throughout the event, I shared my love of quilting, scrapbooking, journaling and creativity with the ladies. For example I shared quotes that inspire me and sometimes push me to be more creative. Click here to see one fun example. But, if there is one thing I LOVED the most, it was the smiles that I saw in the time we were together. That made me "feel the love."

I'm already planning and scheming what the next retreat will be that I host in The Nest!

Making Main Street Stronger

I love being a small business owner in a small community. When I looked at opening a store-front, Conrad, Iowa, was a logical choice. It's one-block long main street was already strong with a grocery store, a pharmacy/doctor's office, a beautiful new library, a sweet gift shop, a long-time farming industry business and lots of other businesses in between. 

When guests come to Hen & Chicks Studio for a quilting or scrapbooking retreat and are looking at what they are going to eat...I love sharing the options--prime rib at That Place, pizza at Casey's, sub sandwiches at Hometown Foods, chicken wraps and more at RJ's Lounge, and anything else you could need at Carol's. For our quaint, rural town, that's pretty good choices! 

In the last 6 months, some awesome improvements have been made to our main street through a Main Street Renovation grant and contributions from the city. Many of the storefronts have seen dramatic changes with new windows and signs. Hen & Chicks Studio also has benefited from the changes, although not as dramatic as others. This week we were featured on the front page of our local newspaper. Read the story here

We hope you'll come and visit Hen & Chicks Studio and Conrad soon...be sure to mark your calendar for Black Dirt Days on June 13-14, 2014. We'll be hosting a local quilt show at Hen & Chicks Studio.

Hen & Chicks Studio

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